Volume 14, Number 3, September 2002

Premaxillary Osteotomy with Simultaneous Bilateral Alveolar Bone Grafting for Dental Rehabilitation of a Patient with Bilateral Cleft Lip and Alveolus

Mitsuyoshi Iino,1 Kouta Niitsu,2 Yoshiki Nakamura,3 Yoshiki Hamada,4 Hiroaki Ishii,4 Toshirou Kondoh,4 Kanichi Seto4
1Division of Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Akita University, School of Medicine, Akita City, Japan
2Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Saku Central Hospital, Nagano, Japan
3Department of Orthodontics, Tsurumi University, School of Dental Medicine, Yokohama, Japan
4First Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Tsurumi University, School of Dental Medicine, Yokohama, Japan

A 12-year-old boy with a bilateral cleft lip and alveolus underwent premaxillary osteotomy simultaneously to bilateral alveolar bone grafting and subsequent orthodontic tooth alignment. With a premaxillary osteotomy, the bone surface behind the premaxilla and posterior part of the alveolar cleft was sufficiently exposed for a wide graft bed to be successfully created. As a result of the grafting, postoperative orthodontic tooth alignment enabled completion of the maxillary dental arch without the need for a conventional dental prosthesis.

Key words:
Cleft lip, Osteotomy, Dental restoration

Asian J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2002;14:168-172.
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