Volume 15, Number 2, June 2003

Familial Florid Cemento-osseous Dysplasia

Masashi Hatori,1 Isaku Ito,1 Tetsuhiko Tachikawa,2 Masao Nagumo1

1Second Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, School of Dentistry, Showa University, Tokyo, Japan
2Department of Oral Pathology, School of Dentistry, Showa University, Tokyo, Japan

Florid cemento-osseous dysplasia is an uncommon disease of cemento-osseous tissue calcification in the tooth-bearing area of the jaw. Although most patients with florid cemento-osseous dysplasia do not have a family history of the disease, a few familial cases have been reported. This report is of a 29-year-old Japanese woman with florid cemento-osseous dysplasia. The patient's wisdom tooth was extracted due to pericoronitis, which was followed by intensive intravenous antibiotic therapy, although surgical procedures are usually not recommended for patients with florid cemento-osseous dysplasia. Radiological examination of the patient's father, who had a history of prolonged osteomyelitis of the upper jaw, also revealed typical features of florid cemento-osseous dysplasia.

Key words:
Bone dysplasia, Odontogenic tumor

Asian J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2003;15:135-137.
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