Volume 18, Number 2, June 2006

Primary Sjögren's Syndrome in a Child

Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Motokatsu Tsuyuki, Takanori Nakagawa, Yuichiro Imai, Kazuhiro Murakami, Toshiaki Noshi, Tadaaki Kirita
Department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Nara Medical University , Nara , Japan

This report is of an 8-year-old girl with primary Sjögren's syndrome. Examination revealed the characteristic features of salivary and lacrimal gland dysfunction in addition to laboratory test abnormalities, although the patient did not complain of a feeling of dryness. There was no evidence of extraglandular manifestations or complications of other autoimmune diseases. The patient continues to receive symptomatic treatment for dry mouth and long-term follow-up to monitor any emerging complications.

Key words: Child, Sjögren's syndrome

Asian J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2006;18:146-50.

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